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Rule of the Princelings

Friday 15 February 2013 by jamphel — News From Other Sites
By Cheng Li / Cairo Review   February 10, 2013 The much-anticipated 18th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in November unfolded according to that classic rhythm in the study of Chinese elite politics: predictability giving way to ambiguity, and optimism alternating with (...)

Engage China to redress grievances: Tibetans

Friday 15 February 2013 by jamphel — News From Other Sites
By Vishal Gulati Indo Asian News Service | IANS Dharamsala, Feb 14: As cases of self-immolation to protest Beijing’s “repressive policies” reached 100, the Tibetan administration-in-exile Thursday appealed to the global community to engage China to redress the grievances of the Tibetans. “We (...)

Tibetan Self-Immolations in China Hit Grim Milestone

Friday 15 February 2013 by jamphel — News From Other Sites
[The Wall Street Journal / 14 February 2012] By BRIAN SPEGELE BEIJING—A former Buddhist monk who set himself on fire became at least the 100th person inside China to self-immolate since 2009 to protest tight Chinese rule over Tibetan regions, according to activist groups and the Tibetan (...)

Tibetan prime minister-in-exile appeals for ‘collective restoration of Tibetan dignity’

Friday 15 February 2013 by jamphel — News From Other Sites
[The Times of India | Feb 15, 2013] DHARAMSHALA: As cases of self-immolation to protest against China’s policies in Tibet reached 100, Tibetan prime minister-in-exile Lobsang Sangay on Thursday appealed to the world community to redress the grievances of his community in Tibet. “China (...)

A letter to David Cameron, the prime minister of UK

Thursday 14 February 2013 by jamphel — Flash News
LONDON: Friends of British in Tibet, a group of 23 British people with direct family ties to Tibet going back over 200 years, has sent a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday (13 February). The signatories of the letter include Mr Richard John Gould, 90, eldest son of the Late Sir (...)

China blocks Aussie official’s Tibet visit

Thursday 14 February 2013 by jamphel — News From Other Sites
[The Sydney Morning Herald] Australia’s top diplomat in China has been unable to win Beijing’s permission to visit Tibet after almost a year of trying. Foreign Minister Bob Carr announced in March 2012 that Ambassador Frances Adamson would seek to travel to Tibet to talk to locals and look into (...)

The 100th Self-Immolation in Tibet- A case for the world to answer

PRESS RELEASE14 February 2013 “Dignity is the spirit of a nationality…,” wrote the 42-year-old monk Sopa Rinpoche before his self-immolation on January 8, 2012. Since the first such action by Tapey on February 8, 2009, 100 Tibetans have burnt themselves. This has taken place, despite the recent (...)

Tibetans continue to self-immolate in protest

Thursday 14 February 2013 by jamphel — Flash News, Situation in Tibet, Situation in Tibet News
DHARAMSHALA: The Central Tibetan Administration is deeply saddened by the continuing tragic self-immolations by Tibetans in protest against the repressive policies of the Chinese government. Lobsang Namgyal, 37, a monk of Kirti monastery, died after setting himself near the local police station (...)

In pictures: Tibetan New Year Ceremony in Dharamsala

Monday 11 February 2013 by jamphel — Flash News
Monks of Namgyal Monastery and officials of the Central Tibetan Administration recite the invocation of Palden Lhamo, the guardian deity of Tibet, during Tsetor ceremony at Tsuglagkhang in the early morning of the first day of Tibetan New Year, 11 February 2013. Thousands of Tibetans visit the (...)

US Renews Call to China to Resolve Deep Grievances in Tibet

Friday 8 February 2013 by jamphel — Featured Flash News, Flash News
DHARAMSHALA: The US government on Thursday renewed its appeal to the Chinese government to allow Tibetans to express their grievances freely, and hold substantive dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s representatives to find a lasting solution to the problem in Tibet. The Chinese (...)

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