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Soutien financier du GIS Asie

vendredi 5 juin 2020 par admin
Le GIS Asie co-financera des missions de jeunes chercheur·e·s, pour se rendre à des événements scientifiques à l’étranger, au deuxième [...]


jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Tenzin Saldon
Dharamshala: The former Indian diplomat from Ladakh who recently received a backlash of criticism for slandering the 85-year-old Nobel laureate His Holiness the Dalai Lama on national television has yet again levelled baseless allegations on the CTA that were not … Continued The post appeared (...)

Sikyong cautions neighbouring countries to learn from Tibet about China’s deceptive tactics

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Intern Writer
Dharamshala: CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay spoke to Himachal Dastak today on the growing momentum for Tibetan issue amidst the COVID-19 crisis, international clamour over China’s lack of accountability and its recent territorial aggressions, CTA’s COVID-19 measures and the case … Continued The (...)

Hunsur Rabgayling SO discusses COVID-19 precautionary measures amidst 5th phase of national lockdown

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Intern Writer
Dharamshala: A brief summation of the COVID-19 precautionary measures undertaken by the Settlement office from May 26 to June 3, as follows: On June 1, 7 residents of the settlement received INR 5000 each as one-time COVID-19 relief aid under … Continued The post Hunsur Rabgayling SO discusses (...)

World finally awakened to China’s draconian, hegemonic intentions but Tibet knew it all along, says CTA Info Secretary

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Tenzin Choetso
Amid the escalating U.S-China tensions, US Congressman Scott Perry has introduced a bill in the US Congress that would “authorise the President to recognise the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of the People’s Republic of China as a separate, independent country.” A similar … Continued The post World (...)

His Holiness the Dalai Lama to converse on Compassion, Resilience, and Science for Healing Today

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Tenzin Choetso
Dharamshala: The Mind and Life Conversation, a platform for leading thinkers and spiritual leaders to engage in dialogue on critical issues facing today is hosting a virtual conversation with Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Compassion, Resilience, and … Continued The (...)

Chinese Troops Have Come Into Eastern Ladakh in Sizeable Numbers, Says Rajnath Singh

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Tenzin Saldon
The Wire| 3 June 2020| Read original news here New Delhi: A “sizeable number” of Chinese have moved into areas in eastern Ladakh which China claims as its territory and India has taken all necessary steps to deal with the situation, … Continued The post Chinese Troops Have Come Into (...)

PLA holds ‘infiltration drills’ in Tibet amid border stand-off

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Intern Writer
Ananth Krishnan, The Hindu. June 4, 2020. Read original news here. The Chinese military in Tibet has held night-time high-altitude ‘infiltration exercises behind enemy lines,’ says the Communist Party-run Global Times China’s official media reported on Wednesday that the Chinese … Continued The (...)

‘Unprecedented’ — India, China deploy Lt Gen-rank army officers to solve border row

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Tenzin Choetso
Snehesh Alex Phillip for The Print. Read the original article here India’s 14 Corps Commander will meet the chief of China’s Southern Xinjiang Military District on 6 June after other rounds of talks failed to resolve the month-long border row. … Continued The post ‘Unprecedented’ — India, China (...)

Hong Kong marks Tiananmen massacre for what many fear will be the last time

jeudi 4 juin 2020 par Tenzin Saldon
By James Griffiths| CNN| Updated June 4, 2020| Read original news here Hong Kong (CNN)When protests broke out in Beijing and other cities across China in early 1989, many in Hong Kong were exhilarated. “It was a time of hope,” said Lee Cheuk-yan, a … Continued The post Hong Kong marks (...)

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